Louisiana Story Fest Residency Day 6

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LA Story Fest - We Want Snow! 2-25-08


It was quite warm today, in the 70s so the above bulletin was appropriate. 🙂 I am back at the school, where I am the teaching artist-in-residence, doing a Louisiana Story Fest. Last week, I was off because the school had a big week being evaluated by a team from the State Department of Education. It was great to be back in the classroom with my students.

My day began with a fantastic third grade class, who is performing “Petit Pouce,” a Louisiana folktale about a boy who is rescued from a “BIG SCARY man” by his dogs (very similar to “Wiley and the Hairy Man”). The class worked as a team, collaborating and cooperating. It was such a great way to begin the day.

Here is a picture of me working with first graders. They are creating a “rainbow river” with their scarves.

LA Story Fest - 1st Grade Rainbow River 2-25-08 (2)

My classes ended with a great group of fifth graders who rolled through their rehearsal of “Jean Sotte” (Foolish John). They will be performing on Friday for the kindergarten classes, parents, and the other 5th grade class. I love what the chorus did with their lines and the storytellers are showing so much promise (they just need to project their voices). I can’t wait to see them perform! Here are my 5th graders rehearsing…

LA Story Fest 5th grade rehearsal 2-25-08

At the end of the day, I stopped in the library to visit with the librarian. She had a second grade class. Much to my surprise and delight, they were acting out one of the stories in my Story Fest book, “Epaminondas.” It was adorable! This is a picture of Epaminondas’ mom leading him home on a “donkey.” It was such a pleasure to see these children acting out the story. I decided to surprise them with an impromptu performance of the way I tell “Epaminondas.” They loved it. I also told the Louisiana story of “Elephant and Snake.” The librarian thanked me for giving the kids “lagniappe,” Cajun French for a “little extra.”

LA Story Fest Epaminondas in the library 2-25-08

Another great day!! Until next writing, Happy Tales to You!

Warmly, Dianne