Crafts: Eight is Enough!

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Today, my house was bustling with eight children (three teens and five children)! Soleil, my 17 year old hung out with two of her friends while Eliana, my 7 year old, had her four cousins over (Jourdan – 10, Camrynn – 8, Ashlynn – 7, and Jasmynn – 5). I had a busy day. Whew!

The day began with a meat-free lunch (today is Ash Wednesday – no meat for Catholics) of bow-tie pasta topped with tomato basil sauce and grated ricotta. Here are the kids getting ready to eat (right to left – Eliana, Camrynn, Jasmynn, Jourdan, and Ashlynn). Say cheese!

The Kids Meal

The teens refused to let me invade their lives with my digital camera, so no pics of them. You have to pretend they exist. After a delish dessert of chocolate cake with peanut butter-chocolate frosting, we started Valentine crafting. Here is Ashlynn, hard at work. Can you guess what she is gluing?

Ashlynn hard at work on her bead heart

Yes, that’s right! left-over Mardi Gras beads! We were making Valentine hearts. Eliana shows off her finished product.

Eliana’s bead heart

Now that’s what I call a work of “heart.” Then we began making Valentine shakers. Here are all the kids with their shakers.

The Kids with their Valentine shakers

A close-up of the Valentine sh-sh-sh-shaker.

Eiana’s Valentine shaker up close

We had fun playing games, singing, and shakin’ our shakers. But boy, am I exhausted! Between the teens and the tots, I spent more energy than I do with a group of 300 students at a performance! LOL

I don’t know how the Brady Bunch did it. Oh yeah, I do. It was TV!! Where is Alice when you need her?!!

Until next time… Happy Tales to You!

Warmly, Dianne